Those that Appreciate women 240lbs and up please!

What is “Appreciation 4 BBWS”? First we must be clear….THIS IS NOT A PORNO SITE! There is NO nudity permitted. If that is what you are looking for, the internet if full of those. Our goal is to bring people together that truly LOVE BBWs. That can stand for (Big Beautiful Women) or (Big Black Women) if you have followed us any length of time then you know what our primary focus is. Does that mean we don’t like ALL BBWs…..NO! All are no less beautiful, this has always been our primary focus.

Now what will you see on Appreciation for BBWs???? Although we do not allow nudity of any kind you will see Huge Curves, rolls, cellulite, stretchmarks and some of the most beautiful woman on the planet! We attract everyday plus size women who my just want a safe place away for all the mega social networks to display their beauty. Be comfortable a discreet in an environment where you are fully embraced, worshipped and Appreciated for how you are. YOU POST the pics YOURSELF.

We also promote plus size fashion shows, Artist and models. Our members will be invited to Appreciation4 BBWs sponsored events, Group Trips, Meet ups, and get togethers in 2020! Be ready…Some of the Baddest, Big Bodacious members you’ve seen on our FB page will be live and in person! We also have official Merch, contest with great prizes and interviews with some of our hottest followers.



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